Chardonnay Cleaners

#1 Cleaners serving the Napa Valley
Providing Quality cleaning since 1989

Environmental Information

Chardonnay Cleaners provides a selection of superior, healthy and environmentally responsible solutions to best meet the requirements of your individual garments.

We Care About Your Clothes

We pride ourselves on being “garment care specialists,” because we take cleaning our customers’ clothes very seriously. Our standards for cleaning surpass the standards set for Master Dry Cleaners. We realize your clothing represents an investment in your appearance and image, and so we take care to treat your garments accordingly. At the heart of Chardonnay Cleaners uniqueness is the process we use to clean clothes.

The result is a process that produces superior cleaning but is very easy on the clothes, so they feel better and look better longer. And as a bonus, clothes smell fresh and never have that “dry cleaning” odor. Cost-conscious consumers will be happy to know that the Chardonnay Cleaners method is competitively priced.
Bring your clothes in and give us a try!
We Care About People

Chardonnay Cleaners is concerned about the health and satisfaction of the important people in our lives…our customers and our employees. For our customers, we are committed to providing professional, friendly service and a range of convenient features, including our Chardonnay Cleaners Valet bags. When you have your clothes cleaned at other cleaners in perchloroethylene it is recommended that you remove the plastic garment bag and hang your clothes in the garage for a few days prior to bringing them into the house or wearing them. With our dry cleaning fluid this is unnecessary.

For our employees, Chardonnay Cleaners is committed to providing a clean, safe, more comfortable workplace than is generally available in the dry cleaning business. With Chardonnay Cleaners we use modern, leading-edge cleaning equipment, and our cleaning plants offer a clean cooler work environment, safe from exposure to cancer causing dry cleaning solvents.

We Care About the Environment

Most traditional dry cleaning systems clean clothes in a chlorinated solvent called perchloroethylene, which is known to cause cancer and which is a highly toxic air, ground, and water contaminate and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. The Chardonnay Cleaners process is by far more environmentally friendly. The result? The Chardonnay Cleaners cleaning system is not only friendly to clothes and to people, it’s ecologically responsible, too.

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