Chardonnay Cleaners wants to donate money to your organization.

Please contact Dan directly for more information on how your charity or organization can receive a quarterly donation from Chardonnay Cleaners .


The Community Give Back program gives a monetary incentive to charities, churches, schools, and other organized groups to bring their dry cleaning, laundry, and alterations needs to Chardonnay Cleaners

This quarterly incentive is a way for your group to receive a percentage donation given to your favorite

charity or organization. With participation from your members and friends, this % donation is based off the

total quarterly amount of business your group does with Chardonnay Cleaners .

The Community Give Back program is FREE and all you have to do is register your group

at our store located at 1520 Trancas Street, Napa. Your organization will be assigned a tracking link and the first time

your members come in, they will have to mention the group’s name so that their records reflect your organization. It’s that easy‚Ķ

just think of how much business your collective group can do resulting in a % donation at the end of each quarter from

Chardonnay Cleaners

An example would be: The High School music department needs money for new uniforms or instruments, etc.

Contact Dan at Chardonnay Cleaners to set up your charity or organization as a recipient for donations. He will help you set up a program that will bring money into your organization.

Note: Chardonnay Cleaners reserves the right to refuse to support any organization.

Chardonnay Cleaners will not support organizations that are anti Christian, anti religion, anti American, and anti social, or illegal.

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